With his unique talent Scott can do many things to make your show or event complete!

Original act

Scott's original bounce ball juggling act! It's young, fresh, fast, with some good rockin' rolling guitar vibes! Perfect for circusses, gala's and variety!

Festivals & nightlife

Standing next to the DJ on stage will give an amazing look to make your (dance) event complete! Scott can juggle with his own LED material like balls and clubs. Perfect for festivals or even nightclubs! 


The perfect thing to make your corporate event a succes! It has been prooved that juggling makes your brainsides working together. It's also a good way for building up your teamband. Scott can people teach how to juggle 3 balls (or even more) in less then an hour! Also fun for (circus)schools or other events!  

Sport Events

Weither it's for soccergames, basketball or tennis, Scott can perform at almost any sport event you can imagine, in the way you want him to! He's also available to juggle with some props used by the sport like footballs, basketballs, or tennis rackets!

TV & Film

Ofcourse you might know Scott from the Dutch TV-show Holland's Got Talent, but Scott's official career was started as an actor in the Dutch hitmovie 'Terug naar de kust' from Will Koopman. Today he doesn't act any more in movies, but is still standing open for it, or television performances and interviews. He did this before on shows like 'ZAPP's Best Friend Quiz' or 'BNN Social Club'.