The beginning

Scott was born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, where he growed up with his parents and older brother. From his birth till today he'd always like to perform and get attention from people around. 


That's why his parents decided to wrote him in at a circusschool nearby, when he was only 7 years old. That's where he learned the basics of all circusdisciplines. 




When getting older, Scott got interested in the art of juggling, by seeing a famous juggler in a circus. He started practicing for the skills of juggling by himself, with succes.


April 2014. Scott had a lot of performances everywhere with his bounce ball juggling act, when he got  a call from a producer from the Dutch TV-show Holland's Got Talent. Scott grabbed his chance by participating the competition, and get into the semi finals. This is where his 'real' career started. 


In 2016, Scott participated in the European Youth Circus Festival in Wiesbaden; one of world's most important youth circus festivals. 


Later, in 2017 Scott won the SPECIAL PRIZE at Festival International de Cirque Les Feux de La Rampe.


Today, Scott is a succesfull professional bounce ball juggler. He's showing his talent by performances in circusses, theatres, gala's, sport-events, or doing workshops by occasions as corporate events or schools!